About Us

Who are we?

OmniTek is a team of traders who all utilize the OmniTek algorithms. If you are new to trading, we have users with over 20 years of experience to get you started on the right track. The Omni-Algos were first created mainly for investing in long-term stocks, but as we have seen a momentum shift in the markets over the years, we have developed more powerful indicators to not only follow short-term price action the correct way but also give that visual simulation of how smart money is moved around in the markets.

Over the years we have seen results from our traders using our unique tools we offer, so much we created a subcription service due to the demand of the tools we provide 

The days of relic strategies is over, and what we did was build high tech algorithms using pine scripts powerful engine on TradingViews platform.  After countless hours of backtesting, input from our community that has been running for 5 yrs, OmnitekTrading has solved that riddle, and our customers utilizing our tools, yield real profit results.

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